Pallet transport: supply to production and automated warehouse

The input and output is realised by the use of a link belt (integrated in a pit), which is designed in such a way that one with an electric car for pallets (2.5 tons) can drive onto it. Transportation speed 12 m/min, load 1250kg.
The stacking and unstacking is achieved with forks which lift the top or bottom pallet. Cycle time 18 seconds, load 650kg.
The infeed to production (at a height of 4 metre) or to waiting position, is realised with a pallet crane.
The storage in the automated warehouse also happens with a pallet crane foreseen of telescopic forks. The crane places 2 metre deep in a rack. Both pallet cranes: speed 150 m/min, lifting speed 50 m/min, load 1250kg.