Buffer towers for insulation panels

A vertical buffer installed in the production line of insulation panels.

  • Customer

    Our customer builds complete end-to-end production lines for insulation panels.

  • Challenge

    During the production process, the panels need some time to cure ready for further processing. Buffer towers allow for the necessary time for curing, without the sacrifice of too much space in his production environment.

  • Solution

    The buffer towers receive a layer of insulation panels during every cycle that they convey upwards and therefore giving the panels the time to harden or stabilise. Demand for towers has grown considerably over time: the panels to be processed are getting thicker and larger, which has meant that Motus Handling had been motivated to innovate the system continuously. We have already built towers with a height of up to 9 m tin height specifically to store panels of up to 220mm in thickness and up to 7m in length.

    Over the past 10 years, Motus Handling has been responsible for more than 60 buffer towers.

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