Fully automated warehouse system for carrots

The 12m high automated buffer warehouse has a storage capacity of 1,516 bins and a processing capacity of 240 bins per hour.

  • Customer

    Verduyn is a family company specialising in processing a variety of fresh vegetables. Within Europe, Verduyn is one of the largest carrot specialists offering a wide range of high quality carrot products.

  • Challenge

    In order to improve efficiency and safety, Verduyn has opted for an automated logistics solution between the sorters/fillers and the carrot processing line. And all this under high humidity conditions in a WMS controlled warehouse.

  • Solution

    The 12 m high automated buffer warehouse by Motus Handling has a storage capacity of 1,516 bins over 4 aisles with double depth storage capacity. 4 stacker cranes can process 240 bins per hour. The buffer warehouse is sited between the sorters/fillers and the processing line. The associated system annexing the warehouse operates in a closed loop system and comprises, amongst others, transit transport systems, double transfer cars, transfer cars with tilter, vertical transport systems, a tipper and a bin washer to clean soiled bins for re-use.

    WMS (Warehouse Management System) allows Verduyn to know the exact storage location and weight of any specific type of carrot. In this way, a certain quantity of any type of carrot can be requested for further processing.

  • Result

    This investment allows Verduyn to respond more quickly to the type of end product sought and therefore to improve, at the same time, the safety of staff by the fewer number of forklifts required.

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