Stacking and transfer system for panels

The stacking and transfer system is integrated in a full production line for LVT panels.

  • Customer

    This European customer is active in the vinyl flooring sector.

  • Challenge

    The manual operations needed for stacking the vinyl panels required an ergonomic review. Automating this operation, straight from the production line, was what was required. An integrated buffer system for transfer on rolls was an additional requirement.

  • Solution

    The panels are aligned and then placed on a stack, either individually or per two panels, according to their dimensions, using a stacker (stacking cycle time = 8 s). The stacking height is maintained constant. When maximum stacking height is reached, this stack is then transferred onto the panel outfeed chain conveyor while allowing another empty pallet to be fed into position. When panel infeed is stopped and replaced with rolls, the buffer system activates. The infeed speed and the outfeed speed are no longer dependent on one another thanks to a buffer loop that is operated by means of an underlying conveyor belt system.

  • Result

    We always start from the specific requirement of our customer to arrive at a concept that is completely tailor-made and complies with the set preconditions. This is how we succeed in offering a maximum functionality with a limited budget.

    We always offer a solution that is completely tailor-made for the customer and specific preconditions do not make us flinch.

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