Automatic supply chain system at Volvo Car Ghent

Motus Handling has developed an automated supply chain system at Volvo Car Ghent that links fully automatically the supply area, two warehouses and a pick-up zone with each other.

  • Customer

    Volvo Car Ghent (Belgium) is one of Europe’s leading car manufacturers. The site in Ghent has been producing passenger cars since 1965 and, today, employs more than 5,000 people.

  • Challenge

    Volvo Car has a high-storage pallet warehouse supplemented with another smaller bin warehouse. The supply to the warehouse and the parts selection had become dated and could no longer deliver the planned capacity. This sometimes led to production delays. Volvo wanted both the infeed and outfeed areas of the warehouses to be rebuilt. This would ensure that the required performance could be achieved.

  • Solution

    In partnership with a supplier of automated technoloy, Motus Handling has successfully built all infeed and outfeed systems of products of the warehouses. The system starts out with a set-up area where the incoming pallets enter the system fluidly and quickly when unloaded from the truck. Next, the location to where the pallets should be conveyed is determined by barcode scanners. Before entering the warehouse, the quality of the pallets is checked. Pallets that do not meet the grade are rejected. If they do meet the requirements, they are presented to either one of the two warehouses or directly to the picking area. This is performed at two levels, by the necessary vertical transfers, to enable possible changes. The double transfer car conveys the correct component pallets to the picking area. All with the ultimate goal of improving capacity and operational reliability.

    The big challenge of this project was to integrate 3 existing elements in a complex building structure.

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